(外国人の方向け / For foreigner information)


Welcome to OKOCRAFT(JP:「おこ鯖。」), foreigner! We will welcome you.
We basically use Japanese for communication, so we RECOMMEND that you speak Japaense as much as possible.
Almost of this wiki is written by Japanese. Use translator(example: Google, Bing) to read if you need.

If you want to live in this server, please read the rules.
Again, be sure to remind that almost players here cannot speak your language! Even some player might try to communicate with you(maybe broken, they're not native speaker). At that time, you do that too.

What's this server?

OKOCRAFT is a Minecraft server for multiplayer survival(SMP).
You can build a house(even castle if you collect resources so much!), trade with other players, kill powerful mobs and earn money. Of course, you can live alone(not recommended).

This server has economy, mcMMO System(Skill System), and some guns(AR / Bazooka). And there are useful protection systems(WorldGuard, LWC).

What can I do?

You can do everything that you're allowed to. Following things are not allowed, you'll be punished if you do.
  • To break other's buildings
  • To steal other's chest(includes public in some cases)
  • Kill other players without permission
  • Send spam, violence chat, obscenity chat.
You had better read full of rules above.

What should I do after joined?

Chatting channel for foreigner

If you can speak English(It's OK if it's other languages!), you should join English Chatting Channel(somehow named English). You can join there through execute command: /ch join English(shorten:/ch join en).
English channel's members are our managements, citizens who can be speak English, foreigners and you(yes, if you joined!).

If you want to send chats to main channel, switch channel by command: /ch z, or add prefix(z:) to sentence. Example: "z:May the force be with you..."
You can return to English Channel again, to send command /ch English(shorten: /ch en).

Ways to claim your house

Editing! ...but if you know WorldGuard, use it.
Eh, can't wait? ...OK, here's guide how to, but it's written by Japanese: 建造物保護について

Additional Elements

Woodcutting Automation

This element assists your survival; it makes woodcutting so faster!
If you cut trees, it will be automatically did from their roots to end.
How to use
No procedures to use. It's already enabled.
If you don't want to use, execute /treeassist toggle.

Special Enchants

This elements adds various enchants that so interesting.For example,rejuvenation(JA:耐久値回復) is very famous enchant because it gradually recoveries tool's durability.
How to use
No procedures to use. It's already enabled.
Sometimes it notify you that it affected opponent, and you can off this notification: /en tn.

Skill System(mcMMO)

See mcMMO

Pet System(MyPet)



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